New Faces

ASABE New Faces of Engineering

ASABE salutes all those who have newly entered the profession. These individuals have distinguished themselves with outstanding achievements that serve as inspiration to their peers and to the future engineers who will follow in their footsteps.

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2013 Shane Williams

“Being an engineer is more than just a job; it is a way of life,” says Shane Williams. “Your perception of the world and how the world works–and your way of thinking–all change as your skills mature.” The logical outgrowth of that development is an unceasing curiosity about everything that occasionally needs to be forced into shut-down mode to allow one’s energy and passion to “recharge.”

It’s a strategy that works for Shane, who has earned a laudable reputation for his dedication and passion for his profession and associated activities. As a student, he “did it all,” says a former professor: field trips, the 1/4-Scale Tractor team, new-student tours, Wisconsin Section and international meetings, all in addition to an impressive list of scholarly achievements and publications.

As an engineer with Kuhn North America, Shane is now working on windrow mergers and continues to develop his skillset. Outside the office, he promotes the profession by his involvement with ASABE, particularly with the Young Professionals Community, through which he provides leadership to numerous Society committees, councils, and initiatives.

2013 Yi-Cheng Wang

Engineers cherish the “a-ha” moments in their professional lives. For PhD candidate Yi-Cheng Wang, one such moment occurred the first time he witnessed the impact of his own research on meeting a real, life-changing need. Having been counseled by his parents that engineering “is one of the best ways to improve lives,”  he was later encouraged to do research on environmental disinfection methods and design the disinfection devices to solve the real world problems in biological field. During that time, he produced conference papers and patented technology that resulted in environmentally friendly technologies that were subsequently used by the government when the Morakot Typhoon hit Taiwan in 2009. “That is the first time I used my own research to solve the real world problems and that made me truly believe that engineering can really improve people’s lives. That is the moment I decided to dedicate my life to engineering.” Now Yi-Cheng is conducting research on the synthesization of nanomaterials and nanocomposites for energy and biosensor applications. He hopes that his research will result in more effective ways to harness green energy, enhance food safety and quality, and meet other real-world needs.

2012 Amanda Crowe

Helping farmers and landowners improve the natural resources of Wisconsin is the goal of Amanda Crowe, who uses her background in soil science and biological systems engineering to provide planning, engineering, and construction assistance.  Amanda started her career with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) as a summer student in 2001. In her current field position Amanda works closely with other NRCS staff and conservation partners devising solutions for runoff, erosion and agricultural waste issues of southwest Wisconsin.  Amanda helps landowners to protect the environment by providing planning and construction assistance to county technicians, Trout Unlimited, and government agencies such as the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Amanda develops designs for erosion control, sediment management, dairy manure management, and feed storage leachate runoff control systems and the engineering portions of comprehensive nutrient management plans.


2011 Naomi Uhlenhake

With her background in biological systems engineering, Naomi Uhlenhake provides critical technical expertise to agricultural producers, helping them maintain their high standards of environmental stewardship. With the distinction of being the first agricultural engineer employed by Frontier FS Cooperative, a division of Fortune 500 company Growmark, Naomi works closely with agronomists and farmers around the state of Wisconsin devising solutions for waste and stormwater management issues. In her position, Naomi strives to protect the environment by providing expertise to farmers in construction and expansion permitting requirements and acting as a liaison between her clients and government agencies such as the Department of Natural Resources, the Natural Resource Conservation Service, and county and township departments and committees. Naomi develops designs for stormwater management, manure management, and leachate runoff control systems and the engineering portions of comprehensive nutrient management plans (CNMPs). Over the last five years, at Frontier FS and her previous employer, Resource Engineering Associates, Inc., Naomi has completed more 130 CNMPs, assisted with more than 30 construction, stormwater, siting and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System. Additionally, she has managed multiple farm-expansion projects.

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