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Agricultural Engineering Professional Engineering Examination

Incentives for First Time PE Exam Candidates

October 2012 Exam

In an effort to bolster the numbers of first time takers of the Ag Engineering PE Exam, ASABE’s Professional Engineering Institute (PEI), the Dale Wm. Zimmerman PE Fund and the ASABE Board of Trustees have partnered to provide two incentives to candidates – 1) reimbursing October 2012 exam registration fees up to $300; and 2) giving $150 to be used in any way they see fit. The criteria and procedure are as follows:

1. The offer is only open to first–time test takers, those who have not attempted to take a professional engineering exam in any discipline prior to the October 2012 administration.

2. Candidates must take the Agricultural PE exam.

3. Candidates must pay all costs for the application and administration of the exam.

4. Upon receiving a letter from one’s respective state board of licensure or from NCEES (National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying) who administers the exam with the results of the October 2012 exam, the candidate may submit a copy of the letter along with documentation of expenses incurred in the exam, and request up to $300 reimbursement from ASABE. Reimbursement will be provided regardless of whether the candidate passes the exam or not. Reimbursement will only be for state application fees and NCEES test administration costs not to exceed $300.

5. Candidates will receive $150 along with reimbursement costs outlined in #4 above.

6. Those wishing to take advantage of this offer must submit their name and statement of intention to Mark Crossley at crossley@asabe.org no later than July 1, 2012. This offer is available on a first‐come, first served basis. The first 30 applicants whose names are received by Mark are guaranteed reimbursement if they meet the other criteria in this document. Those who are assigned a number on the list higher than 30 are the alternates who will, in order, be selected for reimbursement should a candidate above them on the list fail to meet the requirements. Requests for reimbursement are to be submitted to Mark no later than February 1, 2013.

The candidate must have no other source of funds for taking the exam except personal funds. Those eligible for assistance from an employer, for example, are not eligible for this reimbursement program.

Candidates must be a member of ASABE for 2012. Candidates are invited to join ASABE if they are not a member. New members may enroll online at http://www.asabe.org/membership/joinrenew.aspx.

Please let me know if you have questions.

Regards – Mark


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