Work with elected officers and committee members to meet Section goals. Chair the Executive Committee which develops Section goals, set dates for Section activities, initiates program plans, guides program development, and makes fiscal decisions. Chair Section meetings including introductions, announcements, presentations and head table seating arrangements. Serve as a catalyst for encouraging participation in Section activities, quality programming, timely work completion and recognition of member contributions.


Vice Chairman-Program and Program Committee

Recommend meeting dates and program topics to the Executive Committee; propose budget to support programming activities. Recommend tour sites and speakers for Section meetings and arrange for speaker travel, and audio-visual equipment and aids. Chair technical sessions for purpose of scheduling and introducing speakers, assisting during question and answer periods, and presenting speaker honorariums where appropriate. Develop a year-end questionnaire to determine interest in program topics, reaction to Section meetings and seminars, and interest in serving on Section committees. Maintain a list of program ideas and suggested speakers for future meetings.


Vice Chairman-Membership

Promote membership and participation in ASAE through effective contact with Section members. Organize and execute attendance competition(s) among major engineering centers for each meeting. Follow up on referrals from ASAE headquarters. Contact those on unpaid dues list. Introduce and welcome new members to meetings. Assist the Treasurer in registration at Section meetings and keep a record of individuals attending Section meetings.


Vice Chairman-Awards

Announce award plans and activities to Section membership. Solicit nominations for Section awards and coordinate award selection by the various selection committees. Obtain awards (framed certificates, engraved plaques, etc.).

Plan the program for presentation of awards. Present longevity awards (25, 40, 50, 60, and 70 year membership awards) to members. Nominate Section members for National ASAE awards and member grade of Fellow with local recognition of those elected.


Vice Chairman-Public Relations

Process and release news for the benefit of the Section. Organize and publish meeting announcements, seminar announcements, newsletters, election ballots, nominee biographies, and other articles determined by the Executive Committee. Take and have photographs of Section activities processed. Determine key contact people at local media and provide them with pre-event information. Serve as host and coordinator of media at each event.


Vice Chairman-Career Development and Career Development Committee

Provide professional development opportunities throughout the total career range. Encourage/arrange for mentors and/or presentations in local schools and universities. Provide youth with guidance information, and arrange job fairs and personnel contact sessions for student internships, college graduates, and Section members. Arrange and sponsor educational seminars annually. Survey members and company human resources personnel to determine topics of interest for seminars. Maintain a list of seminar ideas, guidance contacts and suggested speakers. Inform Section members of local engineering related seminars and short courses.



Prepare and monitor the Section budget. Prepare reports of Section activities, financial transactions, and executive Committee transactions. Distribute minutes. Maintain a bank checking account, deposit monies, pay bills and file receipts. Supervise registration at Section meetings and seminars. Provide supplies for registration, collect registration fees, issue receipts as requested, maintain record of attendance, issue checks for on-site cost of meals, facilities, honorariums and other fees. Prepare and distribute to all Executive Committee members and ASAE

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